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About Killarney Memorial Aged Care


A Brief History

Killarney Memorial Aged Care has a rich and vibrant history and was previously known as Killarney & District Memorial Hospital Limited.

Originally part of Canning Downs, established by the Leslie brothers in 1840, the development of the town was largely based on primary production and forestry. The South Killarney town site was first surveyed in 1878, but the town already boasted several shops and services by this time. Many early settlers to Queensland selected land in the Killarney area with the first of these arriving in 1863. During the 1880s Killarney was described as “one of the most flourishing towns in Southern Queensland”. A branch railway was built from Warwick in 1885 and the line was closed in 1964.

Prior to World War II there was a small cottage hospital which serviced the needs of the community. This facility was closed during the war.

A hospital dedicated to the memory of the fallen of World War II, was opened on June 10th 1950. The local sub-branch of the R.S.L. contributed 960 pounds and a further 1,400 pounds was donated locally. The sum enabled a hospital to be built for the benefit of the community.

The 1968 storm that destroyed so much of Killarney also destroyed the hospital. The town and district rallied to the support of the Committee and from donations, the proceeds of insurance, and a dollar for dollar subsidy from the State Government, sufficient funds were obtained to buy a block of ground in Cedar Street. Plans were drawn up for a 12 bed hospital and this was opened on the present site in 1970. Extensions were made in 1976 increasing the bed capacity to 16 beds. In 1985 further extensions were commenced to enlarge the Outpatients Department, Operating Theatre and kitchen. Again in 1987 the building was extended to accommodate a 9 bed nursing home which commenced operation in May, 1988. Alterations continued to accommodate 9 patients in the acute section and the extensions were opened on the 18th March, 1989.


The Board, Management & Staff are committed to the timely delivery of quality care by appropriately qualified personnel in an efficient and timely manner. Systems are in place to regularly evaluate the services provided, and to ensure continuing participation in the Quality Process. We aim to provide optimum client centred care to all our clients and offer support to their relatives and friends within a continually improving environment.

Values Statement

  • Integrity: We are ethical, honest and trustworthy in our dealings with all people.
  • Respect: We value each other and acknowledge our differences by actively listening to all points of view.
  • Community: Together, we create safe, comfortable and encouraging environments where people can grow and thrive personally and; professionally.
  • Growth: We actively seek new knowledge and ways of doing things to benefit the people we serve and make our world a better place.
  • Encouragement: We will encourage all individuals to realise their potential.
  • Excellence: We strive for best practice and an evidence based approach to our work.
  • Communication: We are inclusive and consultative in our communications.
  • Empathy: We believe in exercising compassion to ourselves and to others, embracing one another and accepting one another where we are and treating everyone with kindness.
  • Respect: to treat each other with dignity, courtesy and as individuals.

Mission Statement

To strive to provide quality service for those members of the community who require our care.


Killarney Memorial Aged Care is a community-owned not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to be a flexible, viable organisation that plans and provides integrated, responsive and individualised care and services to residents of our facility and the community as a whole. In doing so, we work with residents and community members to maximise their quality of life.


  • To ensure the community has access to our services.
  • To increase services to the community, within our resources.
  • To increase community awareness of the services provided.
  • To maintain an environment of continuous care, through the evaluation of the services we provide and to implement identified changes.
Killarney Memorial Aged Care

6 Cedar St, Killarney QLD 4373
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