Killarney Memorial Aged Care



Upon admission to Killarney Memorial Aged Care, our residents and their families complete an assessment survey to identify individual social, cultural and spiritual needs to enable our Diversional Therapist to develop lifestyle programs that cater to the resident’s choice and decision-making. We value our residents’ different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and endorse this diversity through various forms of activities.

The following examples are some of the things we inspire our residents to be involved in:

  • Painting exhibitions,
  • Cooking demonstrations held by the residents,
  • Old Time Dancing,
  • Exercise Classes tailoring to different levels of fitness,
  • Music and Art Classes,
  • Pampering Sessions,
  • Feeding birds, cats and chickens,
  • Menu planning,
  • Gardening,
  • Social outings,
  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities,
  • Happy Hour Themes,
  • Testing and deciding on furniture styles, upholstery, soft furnishings,
  • How our organisation is run as an establishment.

Killarney Memorial Aged Care

6 Cedar St, Killarney QLD 4373
(07) 4664 1488