Killarney Memorial Aged Care

Life at KMAC


Killarney Memorial Aged Care services the town of Killarney and outlying districts towards Warwick, Stanthorpe and northern New South Wales. The facility is a community owned, Not for Profit organisation, and is listed as a Public Company, limited by guarantee.

Currently we operate:

  • Kadimah Nursing Home – 26 beds.
  • Leslie Place Hostel – 22 beds.
  • Condamine Villas – 8 low cost independent living units.
  • Meals on Wheels Service.
  • Scenic Gem Services.
  • Allied Health Facilities.

Our aim is to ensure that each resident has the opportunity to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life as a member of our community. We strongly believe that the immediate physical and social environment has an enormous impact on resident’s perception of their health and wellbeing. The family-like environment which we strive to achieve and maintain is one of the more important characteristics of the care we provide.

We encourage our residents to maintain their preferred lifestyle by delivering a wide range of activities and lifestyle programs to assist them in retaining their independence for as long as they are able to do so.

For a small organisation, Killarney Memorial Aged Care prides itself on a “Consumer Direct Care” model. However, we prefer to refer to this model as the KMAC model:


K = Kind-hearted
M = Mutually
A = Accepting
C = Community.

This is a model that is built and driven around the resident’s by developing a resident focussed and mutually supportive decision making environment. By shifting this approach to the resident’s, staff, family members and the general community as a whole are able to see not only are we empowering the residents to continue to maintain their independence, freedom and enhancing their quality of life but they are also being actively involved in the decision making process in order to reach their full potential which also incorporates their clinical and social needs. By encouraging a home-like environment, resident’s develop friendships sooner thus making the transition into Aged Care more smoothly and effortlessly.

Killarney Memorial Aged Care

6 Cedar St, Killarney QLD 4373
(07) 4664 1488