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Donations & Bequests

Killarney Memorial Aged Care prides itself on continuing and retaining high quality standards and providing the best service to those in our care and within our community. Although the Federal Government contributes substantially towards the care of our residents, it is significantly important for us to fundraise to improve our facilities, replace items and purchase much needed equipment to enhance the lives of those we care for. Any donation, large or small, can mean new wheelchairs, improved facilities, better activities and a more comprehensive community care.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

By making a donation and/or bequest, you will enable KMAC to do more for our residents by providing extra services that cannot be delivered through normal Government funding. Your donation or bequest will continue to make a categorical difference to those in our care.

To make a Bequest, please contact the Facility Managers directly on   07 4664 1488 or email to discuss your contribution.