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Respite Care

Permanent Care

Our Promise to You

Our promise is to ensure that each resident has the opportunity to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life as a member of our community. We strongly believe that the immediate physical and social environment has an enormous impact on resident’s perception of their health and well-being. The family-like environment which we strive to achieve and maintain is one of the more important characteristics of the care we provide.

We encourage our residents to maintain their preferred lifestyle by delivering a wide range of activities and lifestyle programs to assist them in retaining their independence for as long as they are able to do so.

For a small organisation, Killarney Memorial Aged Care prides itself on a “Consumer Direct Care” model. However, we prefer to refer to this model as the KMAC model:

K = Kindhearted
M = Mutually
A = Accepting
C = Community

This is a model that is built and driven around the resident’s by developing a resident focused and mutually supportive decision making environment. By shifting this approach to the resident’s, staff, family members and the general community as a whole are able to see not only are we empowering the residents to continue to maintain their independence, freedom and enhancing their quality of life but they are also being actively involved in the decision making process in order to reach their full potential which also incorporates their clinical and social needs. By encouraging a home-like environment, resident’s develop friendships sooner thus making the transition into Aged Care more smoothly and effortlessly.

Permanent Care

Here at KMAC, we make sure that your physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs are met. We seek to maintain the dignity and independence of each resident.

At KMAC this includes:

  • Day-to-day tasks –  (cleaning, cooking, laundry). We have our own onsite kitchen and laundry services.
  • Personal care needs (showering, dressing, grooming). Personal care workers will help to provide the services you need in line with your preference and daily routines.
  • Clinical care –  (medication, wound care). Our professional team of registered & enrolled nurses are here to meet all your clinical needs.
  • Social needs –  Upon admission to Killarney Memorial Aged Care, our residents and their families complete an assessment survey to identify individual social, cultural and spiritual needs to enable our Diversional Therapist to develop lifestyle programs that cater to the resident’s choice and decision-making.
  • Diversional Therapy – We provide a wide range of resident activities including, Exercise Classes tailoring to different levels of fitness, Music and Art Classes, Pampering Sessions, Menu planning, Gardening, Social outings, Indoor and Outdoor Activities, Happy Hour Themes, and lots more.
  • Palliative Care – Our qualified staff provide the best quality of life for a person with a terminal illness and near their end of their life, and support for their family and friends. KMAC encourages the use of advance care planning. It helps you think about your future medical treatment and health care needs. By creating a plan in advance, your family, friends and doctor can understand how you would like to be cared for both now and in the future and to use a holistic approach to your care and end of life wishes.
  • Dementia Care – We pride ourselves on our dedicated cognitive support unit and it is designed specifically for those with memory and cognitive care needs, including dementia. It is a secure unit for residents who have the ability to get around independently but in the safety of their surroundings.  This unit allows residents to benefit from specially trained staff and a dedicated lifestyle and daily activities programs.


Respite Care

With Commonwealth Funding, this service can assist families with a valuable break and provide a safe environment for a resident to convalesce after an illness. The cost of this service is the basic daily fee or can be obtained from Carer’s Respite. Respite residents enjoy the same high quality services as our permanent residents and are included in all activities. 

DVA may pay the basic daily fee for eligible veterans and war widows/widowers. Contact Veterans’ Home Care or phone for assessment 1300 550 450