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Our History

Our service began as a hospital in 1949, funded by the RSL, and was known as the Killarney Memorial Hospital.  The hospital was a full service offering maternity, surgery and emergency care.  The original hospital was located on Pine Street, although was destroyed by the tornado storm in 1968.  The hospital was rebuilt on Cedar Street.  Following closure of many regional hospitals in the 1990’s. Killarney Memorial Hospital began offering aged care services, and the organisation is now known as Killarney Memorial Aged Care.

Following land acquisitions, Killarney Aged Care has continued to expand, and build new facilities to now contain 60 resident beds, and 8 independent living units, located on Arbutus Street, Killarney.

In all that time, the aged care service has been not for profit and operated by the community and managed by a board.  Despite being a township of only 900 people, Killarney Memorial Aged Care has been able to employ the necessary clinical and administrative staff to provide medical services and maintain a GP and pharmacy service.